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Rehabilitation is a key step of the healing process, enabling you to regain full movement and function in the injured area. At Magnolia Medical Group, located in Eatonton, Georgia, our leading team of medical specialists are experts in providing effective rehabilitation whether you’re recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness. Please make your appointment for a rehabilitation consultation today by calling the office.

Rehabilitation Q & A

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a combination of restoring function, mobility and increasing strength to help avoid future injury. The goal is to get you back to your normal self, doing your normal activities.

In rehabilitation, you can expect muscle strengthening exercises, muscular massage and one-on-one care from your physical therapist. Magnolia Medical Group also offers chiropractic adjustments to get your body aligned correctly post injury or while you are building up strength.

Is rehab only for serious injuries?

Any injury that keeps you from your normal activities could benefit from rehab. Rehab is available for minor strains or sprains and chronic pain. You do not have to have a huge injury that requires surgery to get help regaining your health.

What kinds of rehab are available?

We have a wide array of rehab options at Magnolia Medical Group.

  • Functional Rehab
    • Functional rehab is using physical therapy to get you back to daily activities. The focus here is on three-dimensional movements and development of muscle strength in real life activities. Functional rehab will get you back to work and protect you from future injuries.
  • Spine Curve Rehab
    • Spinal curve rehab focuses on neck pain and avoiding future injury to your neck. Through exercises, positioning, heat/ice and much more, spinal curve rehab can fix your posture and ease your neck pain.
  • Sports-Related Rehab
    • In sports-related rehab, the focus is on recent sports injuries and rehabilitating you so that you can get back in shape and back to sport as soon as possible. Most commonly, sports injuries are torn ligaments, muscles, tendons or joint issues. Athletes in every sport suffer from injuries. Sports-related rehab gets them back in the game.
  • Muscle Imbalance Rehab
    • Muscle imbalance rehab focuses on doing exactly what it sounds like, balancing your muscles. One muscle may have gotten larger than its counterpart due to regular wear and tear, an injury or a condition. This type of rehab focuses on creating even muscle tone and helping you strengthen your muscles.

Do you have options for in-house bracing available?

In order to better serve you, we are pleased to announce that we offer in-house back and knee bracing options for patients recommended by a medical professional. To find out if you qualify, please speak with an MMG staff member and they will be happy to verify your insurance and schedule your appointment.